Salt Therapy Etiquette

Welcome to Salt Therapy at Newcastle Float Centre, please adhere to our etiquette to ensure the best possible experience for yourself and others.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early, to use the restroom, hydrate with a glass of water and complete your client from(you may also complete this online prior to your session).


  • Session start times are firm, so please ensure you arrive prior to start time, arriving late may result in a shortened session time or refusal of entry(in consideration of clients who have already commenced their session on time).


  • If you are sick, contagious or coughing – you will not be permitted to enter the Salt room(in respect of fellow clients using the Salt room).


  • Lockers are available prior to entering the Salt room to store your belongings – phones and electrical devices are not permitted in the Salt room as they may interfere with optimal results.


  • The Salt Therapy room is a fragrance free area, please AVOID smoking or applying perfumes, oils or fragrances prior to your session.


  • The Salt Therapy room is a noise free area, phones, talking, music or podcasts are not permitted, in consideration of this shared space where other people are relaxing.


  • For an optimal Salt Therapy experience, the door will not be opened once your session has commenced(except in the event of an emergency), please use the restroom and hydrate with a drink prior to your session.


  • The Salt room is a FOOD and DRINK FREE ZONE.  Water can be enjoyed prior and post Salt session.


  • Salt Therapy used for skin conditions achieve optimal results by wearing minimal, appropriate clothing, to allow as much skin exposure to the Salt particles.


  • Hairnets and sock nets are provided and MUST be worn to maintain the sterile environment of the Salt room. Clean, white socks must be worn to enter the room, you may bring your own or purchase from reception for $2 each pair. If you bring dirty socks, you will be required to purchase clean socks to enter.