Hypnotherapy & EMDR

Reconnect with your unconscious mind, reconnect with your emotional intelligence

Newcastle hypnotherapist Trish,  can guide and support you with the Ericksonian model of ‘free association’, to become empowered in finding new inner resources, self esteem, self confidence and a strong sense of identity. Through this process, you can become successful in achieving all that you truly desire. Harness the power of your creative and emotional intelligence through a therapy design that utilises Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), or behavioural patterns that are formed through our internal and external language, hypnotherapy and vagal toning techniques. Eye movement, desensitisation and re-processing (EMDR) is a powerful therapy that enables you to fully process trauma or experiences that have not yet been fully processed and released, stuck in the emotional turmoil of your experience or trauma.

Unlike other styles of “talk therapy”, EMDR is achieved within the privacy of your own mind, without having to relive and verbalise every detail of your trauma. The insights that you will gain from EMDR therapy are a result of entering your own state of accelerated intellectual and emotional processing, rather than working around your therapist’s interpretation. Your brain makes the necessary links to more adaptable information, where learning takes place and new emotions, sensations, beliefs and memories emerge into your consciousness to guide you into your dynamic future. EMDR therapy is a highly effective brief therapy for PTSD, trauma and phobias, requiring 4-12 sessions, depending on the complexity of the area of work.

Trish is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist through a Government accredited training organisation. Trish is also a member of IICT.