Enhance your floating state
of hyper-suggestibility with self-hypnosis

Floating achieves a deeply relaxed state, more so than what can be achieved in your day-to-day life. As your (usually dominant conscious) mind relaxes, you can bypass the resistance of your critical factor and mental filters, creating a state of hyper-suggestibility.

A state of hyper-suggestibility is like your conscious mind, your critical factor, uncrossing her arms of resistance and opening completely to any suggestions that are offered in this environment. During this enhanced state of hyper-suggestibility, attitudes and beliefs that were once frozen or locked in begin to melt, as your deeply relaxed state of cognitive confusion destabilizes the well-learned and well-formed behavioural patterns.

Cognitive confusion occurs when your mind and body enter such a deep state of relaxation you no longer resist new ideas which you may otherwise reject. You become more susceptible to the ‘resetting’ of your attitude structure, so new patterns and ideas are able to form and develop.

Floating, hypnosis, hypno-floating and meditation all create whole brain integration. This is where the left (analytical, logical) and right (intuitive, emotional) hemispheres of our brain unite, working together so that rational thoughts are strengthened by emotional images. Achieving whole brain integration allows us to become more adaptable beings and better able to solve complex problems in ever-changing circumstances. Utilising these simultaneous streams of information results in an increased level of intelligence through hemispheric harmony. This state of equilibrium also creates a state of hyper suggestibility and super learning.

Hypno-floating areas include:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy, Birth and beyond
  • Performance Enhancement


What is a Hypno-float?