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Future Mind Garden corporate workshops are designed using neuro linguistic programming, vagal toning, and self-hypnosis techniques to facilitate an opportunity for corporate teams, community groups and educational institutions to pull the weeds from their mind gardens of self. Future Mind Garden workshops provide an opportunity to learn how to relax and become more mindful and connected with your mental health and wellbeing needs, but also empower participants to develop their own tool kit in tending to their Mind Garden by removing negative thought seeds and weeds, which in turn allows positive thought seeds and flowers to thrive and bloom into their full potential.

Client Testimonial

“Recently, 20 Wandiyali employees engaged in the Future Mind Garden workshops facilitated by Trish Wallace. I have received fantastic positive feedback from employees, stating that they have acquired life changing skills that they are now utilising in their personal and professional lives.

The way Trish delivers the program is extremely engaging, inclusive and participatory. Trish does this without judgement and is always looking to provide constructive and useful responses. We all had many ahha moments during the workshops. Trish’s theoretical and practical knowledge is a key asset in the success of this program. This coupled with her easy nature and approachability made organising the workshops a seamless process.

Wandiyali takes it obligation to support and train their staff seriously, we believe this obligation extends to provide practical skills to develop their mental approach to dealing with stressor, not only in a work environment, but also in their personal lives. We believe that Future Mind Garden workshops will become a cornerstone of our future mental health support training for our staff. To this effect we will be engaging Trish to facilitate Future Mind Garden workshops twice annually, to both learn new skills, and reinforce existing training.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Future Mind Garden Workshop to any perspective employer looking to support their staff’s mental health and learn self-care skills”.


Tamara Jeffress

Human Resource Manager

Wandiyali, Newscastle

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