Newcastle Float Centre prices and packages offer an affordable approach to health & self care. We are an NDIS approved provider and also available to Caretrac members.

60min Float Session

$60(1 person)

$55(2 people)



60min Relaxation Hypno-float



90min Float Session



Hypnotherapy/EMDR Package

(includes initial 90min session and 3 x 60min sessions and your FREE 60min Relaxation hypo-float. Health Fund Approved)



Hypnotherapy-float PTSD, Anxiety, Performance Enhancement or Pregnancy

(Includes 60min consult and 3 x 60min Hypno-float sessions)




(60min massage & 60min Float Session)



Twin Floatage

(Bring a friend and each enjoy a floatage package)



Relaxation / Remedial Massage





Magnesium oil Massage



Infrared Sauna Session


$50(TWIN 60min)


60min Sauna & 60min Float Package



Introductory Float Package

(VALID only for first time clients, must be used within 4 weeks and cannot be shared)



Annual Membership

(Includes 90min Float session and $45 floats for your 12 month membership)