Clients on Workers Compensation are now getting results with Float Therapy at Newcastle Float Centre

24 Oct 2018, Posted by Trish Wallace in NSW Workers Compensation
Sensory Deprivation

Enhance your regeneration and recovery from Psychological and Physical Injury with Float Therapy at Newcastle Float Centre

Newcastle Float Centre are proud to announce that we have started working with clients that are claiming our services through NSW Workers Compensation and the results have been incredible.

Clients are finding that THEY are able to achieve results with “floating” that they have not yet been able to achieve with other therapeutic attempts.

If you are currently recovering from Psychological or Physical injury under NSW Workers Compensation, we can provide relief to enhance your recovery back to optimal health and wellbeing.

Float Therapy, Hypno-floating, Hypnotherapy & EMDR can support your Psychological and Physical regeneration back to wellbeing.

A referral from your GP to our services “Newcastle Float Centre, Wallsend” can start the process, which we are happy to support you with setting up.


Work Cover client Testimonial

I work in emergency services and have been diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety.  Floatation therapy at Newcastle Float Centre has been the most effective treatment I’ve found for my daily symptoms, which includes things like chronic pain & fatigue, digestive problems, neck & jaw tension and headaches. Floating is a very personal experience, and each time you float you get better and better at developing the ability to reach a deep meditative state. Sometimes I fall fully asleep during my sessions, sometimes I’m still awake but achieve that perfect zone of mental stillness, and sometimes I don’t get entirely where I would like to, but my body still gets a great benefit from it no matter if I’ve had my most optimal float or not.  I wasn’t a huge believer in these kind of therapies before now, even understanding the science behind it. It took me hitting breaking point and being desperate for any relief from my symptoms before I finally booked in for my first float. I was a believer after my first session, I had an incredible experience from my first float.

I actually wish employers considered this a preventative measure and benefit for employees mental health and wellbeing. Even if you don’t have a job quite as stressful as someone like an emergency service worker, I would encourage absolutely anyone to try this as part of their regular self care routine or “me time”.  It is a private, noninvasive, affordable and a completely natural form of therapy that reduces cortisol levels and calms your entire central nervous system, it’s a mental and physical detox. Even if you’re not necessarily looking to manage stress or anxiety, it’s great for people who are active or play sport to help decompress and absorb minerals whilst they float. It improves circulation and acts as a muscle relaxant (which is why it’s so popular for people suffering jet lag). Give it a go, but be patient if your first float doesn’t seem as amazing as someone who had a magic first time. Our bodies are all incredibly different, so it might take a few floats to get there. There’s a multitude of reasons why people float, my only regret is not trying it sooner.  I don’t miss it now, even when I go on holiday I find somewhere to float.



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